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    MONSTER MASTERPIECES™ mission is to educate, inspire and entertain you, dear reader! Forged from the sheer passion and love for the horror film as a fine art form. A form dedicated to realizing and facing our fear through visual storytelling and how that craft has evolved into the cinematic mythos we enjoy today. It is a story of how one art commission can turn the throes of desperation into inspiration.  Such is the journey of “Monster Masterpieces”, and the rocky, winding road to their inevitable conclusion.


THE ARTIST: Scott Jackson is an American artist Illustrator with a penchant for the Macabre and hard rock music. Known most notably for his cover work on the controversial “Rock n Roll Comics” series (’89 -’93), where during a 5 year run created over 150 coves for the California based company. Jackson’s work has been featured by rock bands Kiss, Pink Floyd, Megadeth and many others. More traditionally his paintings and murals have shown all over the U.S. including the Anaheim Hilton, White Place Grill Chicago, and The Smithsonian Institute. Currently Mr. Jackson operates his haunted art studio Monsterman Graphic, is the resident webmaster for Philadelphia’s Monster-Mania horror convention and cover artist for Scary Monsters Magazine.


The late 1990’s saw a big resurgence of monster/ horror genre,  a resonating wave from the comics boom of ’89. A five year artist residency in Chicago’s Flat Iron Arts Building saw a steady (and thankful) flow of commissions for custom artwork. One job in particular would inspire an epic horror series of paintings.